• You may have seen our Huffington Post blog on what political campaigns can learn from nonprofits, but the lessons go both ways. In her article for the Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW), CDR President Angela Struebing explains that this election cycle can teach nonprofits to be more flexible, digitally focused and highly targeted in their marketing.  
  • You may think fundraising for political candidates is completely different from nonprofit fundraising, but there are lessons to be learned across both verticals. In her recent blog post for The Huffington Post CDR President Angela Struebing explores “Lessons Political Campaigns Can Learn from Nonprofits."
  • Everyone loves a good Easter egg hunt, and it’s especially nice when fundraisers find hidden gems in client data! In her blog post for Direct to Donor, CDR President Angela Struebing uncovers data eggs that lead to big wins for nonprofits.

As we close the books on 2015 I can’t help but ponder about what’s in store for non-profits in the year ahead. In an industry that’s become so multi-faceted there’s a lot to consider. Here’s what I’m thinking…


Donor-centricity will become the norm

If donor-centric was the buzz term of 2015, 2016 will be the year of making... Read More

Want in on a little-known secret?  Wealthy people aren’t the primary group leaving bequests to charities. It’s the little old ladies faithfully writing checks each month. In fact, according to the Institute of Charitable Giving, 82 percent of bequests come from donors with a net worth under $3 million dollars. In her latest NonProfit PRO blog post “Lost Focus on Planned Giving? Start with Direct Mail” CDR President Angela Struebing shares her unique perspective on how direct mail can better support... Read More